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About BluWoods

BluWoods is an event property just north of Spokane that offers a unique mix of rural atmosphere and urban attitude… a place of waterfalls and patios and star fields… a place that is just beyond the noise of the city and yet as close as just around the bend. It’s a special place that will make your event magical.

Come, and see for yourself.

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Stone Falls Dome Room

Stone Falls

Dome Room

This unique and intimate room features large basalt pillars, split face stone walls, and an amazing dome with twinkling stars. Tabled dining for up to 95, or chairs for up to 120. This room has direct accessibility to the Stone Falls Patio, and can be used with it or as a “weather option” for outdoor events on the patio. A caterer’s kitchen is directly adjacent.

Up to 120 guests

Stone Falls Patio

Stone Falls


This secluded outdoor sunken patio features two waterfalls and elegant landscaping that can be used for wedding ceremonies, receptions, barbecues, or family reunions. Tabled seating up to 95, or chairs for up to 120. The patio has easy access to the Dome Room for optional weather related changes. A caterer’s kitchen is directly adjacent.

Up to 120 guests



This private manicured lawn area has room for comfortably seating up to 250. It is conveniently adjacent to the Branches Auditorium which means that spacious outdoor ceremonies can easily lead to comfortable indoor sit-down receptions. The north end of the lawn features a lovely raised arbor – where ceremonies or concerts can be staged. A sound system option is available.

Up to 250 guests